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TEKKO Polymer AK-47 Integrated Rail Review

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Lightweight, Rugged, Classic, Practical and… Rugged (wait did I say that already?). All of these words perfectly describe the TEKKO Polymer AK-47 Integrated Rail system from Mission First Tactical. The fine folks at Mission First Tactical go to great lengths to create a product that will continue to change the way people think about AK-47 platform rifles and their use as a defense/tactical firearm.

Did I mention the TEKKO rail LOOKS super cool too?

The TEKKO handguard/AK Rail is a combination classic handguard and barrel clamp design. Installation requires some light gunsmith work, a term which I’m using liberally, but nothing the Average Joe can’t handle as long as he follows the directions clearly and has some patience. AK-47 rifles aren’t quite as smooth when it comes to disassembling the set parts beyond field stripping (i.e. dust cover, spring, guide rod, bolt, etc). That said, they are extremely rigid in design and the parts that you’ll work with to install the TEKKO rail system aren’t parts that the shooter would normally need to remove in standard field strip fashion. Lock up to the receiver (bottom half) and with the long 2 inch barrel clamp hex head screws is very sturdy. It fits so well to the gas tube and barrel it really does feel as stubborn as the original wooden setup.

Instead of creating a hardcore picatinny rail filled forend (which I’ve been partial too), the TEKKO rail actually retains most of the shape the original wooden AK handguard and at first glance appears to just have 3 picatinny rails: on the top and both sides. But MFT has fashioned a nice flush fit rail cover that slides over the bottom rail and snaps in with a nice retention clip at the front end. The rail cover fits so well, the shooter may choose to just leave it on and forget there’s a rail underneath opting only to use the upper tri rail setup.

With the pull of a tab and a slide of the rail cover, the tri rail system turns to a quad rail.

When “building” your own AK-47, be sure you find products that match your own specific needs and comfort levels. That said, the TEKKO AK-47 Rail from Mission First Tactical would be a great addition to any AK build whether the builder is brand new to the platform or an experienced user. And perhaps best of all? ALL Mission First Tactical products are 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!!

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