A Century old Work Horse Still in the Light of Glory

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Written By: Michael Thompson
Some folks say that years are hard on things. How the years can where something down and make it irrelevant. That new technology makes it irrelevant and out of place. But I can think of at least one item that breaks the mold. At least one exception of the rule. Of course I am talking about john Browning's 1911. The most time testing chunk of steel that I can think of. I still think it is the one of the best firearms you can purchase. Shoots true and keeps shooting. I love mine and mine is a fairly low end one by way of 1911's. I have a standard Rock Island Armory G.I. model. I love it. And man can shoot. I hit have a clay pigeon at 75 yard within 3 shots. It was all because of the design. It is so easy and functional that anyone can shoot it.

TEKKO Polymer AK-47 Integrated Rail Review

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Lightweight, Rugged, Classic, Practical and… Rugged (wait did I say that already?). All of these words perfectly describe the TEKKO Polymer AK-47 Integrated Rail system from Mission First Tactical. The fine folks at Mission First Tactical go to great lengths to create a product that will continue to change the way people think about AK-47 platform rifles and their use as a defense/tactical firearm.

Savage Model 12 LRP in .243 WIN

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Tyler Kee, Austin Tx

At some point, you just get lucky. My future father in law letting me borrow his Savage Model 12 LRP in .243 WIN is one of those points. He bought the gun last year for long range target shooting with some varmint hunting mixed in for good measure. Unfortunately, his work schedule has been pretty insane for the last few months and he actually hasn’t had a chance to do much more than warm up the barrel and get it roughly sighted in. Listening to him recount the sad story of his ownership a few weeks ago, I (jokingly) offered to take it off his hands for a few weeks. To my surprise he replied, “Really? You’d do that for me? I just want to know what factory ammo works well with it, and make sure it’s properly sighted in.” Then he handed me about a hundred rounds of 58 gr. and 80 gr. Hornady V-Max and sent me on my way. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket . . .

Arsenal AK-47 SGL-21 Rifle

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Posted on May 8, 2012 by James Grant
A few months back, while trying to decide what gun to take with me to an upcoming Appleseed clinic, I attempted to run Wolf, Tula and all varieties of Bear 5.56 ammunition through my Bushmaster M4gery. Not only did the rounds not cycle properly, they often left a case so stubbornly jammed in the chamber that I had to brace the charging handle of the carbine against a table and hit the stock with a 10 pound rubber mallet to dislodge it.
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