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How To Bypass Gun Control Laws

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The second amendment was written to guarantee that all Americans would have the means to protect themselves and also act as a tacit second layer to the armed forces to protect this nation in time of need. It is harder for criminals and an unwanted government to impose their will on armed citizens than on unarmed citizens.

As a retired police officer, gun owner, and avid outdoors man, I believe it is everyone’s inalienable right to keep and bear arms. With this in mind they wrote the Second Amendment. Any other regulation on guns should be in line with it. Recent gun control laws put our rights under siege.

See how to deal with new gun laws without breaking them or giving up your Second Amendment rights.

Don’t Give Up Your Rights

To keep your rights in this country you need to vote for politicians that will do what you tell them to do. Voting is the most powerful way to make sure that proposed laws suit your needs, and also the best way to protect all of your rights against hot button issue thinking and rhetoric that are used to justify limiting personal freedoms. Never forget that your right to vote does not end on election day.

When you don’t like proposed new laws, lobbying, peaceful protest (like Gandhi), and notifying your elected leaders should solve the problem. Make it your business to fax, email, post editorial notes in newspapers, make comments on radio and TV, and use social networking forums to make sure you are heard.

There is a right way and a wrong way to contact your congressmen. When writing, faxing, calling, texting, or emailing, threatening or cursing can lead to being ignored at best, or at worst arrested. That said, the English language is quite vibrant and you can use strong tones and clear writing that are far more compelling than threats and emotional spewing.

If an elected official continues to ignore the will of the  people, have them recalled in a special election to remove them from office. An example of this was the 2013 Colorado recall election that took two anti-gun congressmen out of office. We did it twice, and we can do it as many times as needed to stop all these attempted infringements on our inalienable right to protect ourselves using guns.

How to Deal With Gun Laws Without Breaking Them or Giving Up Your Second Amendment Rights

Survivopedia_2nd-AmendmentGet involved in organizing groups to bring public awareness to the new proposed laws and explain why these laws are bad. Take time to gather facts, case studies, statistics, and personal accounts that support your claim. Peaceably and publicly work to get signatures on petitions from people who share your feelings on this new proposed law.

The more signatures you have the more attention the politician will give to the up coming debate on this proposed new law. While you should never make threats, you can most certainly let politicians know that you will use gun laws as a litmus test for who you vote for in the next election.

Things to Avoid to Stay Out of Trouble

As gun owners you should know what your current state gun laws are, and obey them to the best of your ability. For instance, if the law states no hand guns loaded or unloaded in the passenger section of the vehicle, then lock the gun up in the trunk.

If possible get a concealed weapons permit to manage situations where you might be arrested for carrying a gun or have to deal with other problems caused by people that think they know what they are talking about when they see you carrying a gun.

Just as an example, when I was off-duty prior to retirement, I had to deal with an occasional individual that saw my gun and could not resist calling the police to say I was armed and dangerous. In the meantime, I was just wandering around the store looking for cat food!

While I may not like “gun control laws”, think they are useless, and suffer with them as much as everyone else, having all my papers in order will have to do until common sense and good education finally prevail in our society.

Particulars about Driving While Armed

It is always advisable when stopped in a traffic stop to have your driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance, and concealed weapons permit out and ready to hand to the law enforcement officer when asked for it. If your are wondering why it takes so long for this individual to come up to your vehicle, for their safety your vehicle tags, type of vehicle, and location all have to be called in.

If there are any wants or warrants on you, they will know and take the appropriate action. If you come back clean they will also know about your concealed  weapon’s permit. In some states you do not have to tell the law enforcement officer while in other states you have to.

A Special Guide for Women

In this country it has been shown that in areas where women have decided to arm themselves, violent crimes have decreased. More women are buying firearms, learning to shoot them, and have concealed weapon permits.  Unfortunately, if anti-gunners have their way, it will be a serious hindrance to women that do not realize the anti-gun movement is one of the worst, dirtiest, and corrupt anti-women movements in history.

Women today need to get more involved in gun politics because laws dedicated to “mental illness” tend to be stacked against women. Simply take a look at the DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), and you will see that many mental disorders tend to be female mental stereotypes.

In addition, since women were largely unable to afford to buy guns in the past, new laws and additional fees harm a woman’s right to bear arms more than it does for men. Today, laws being passed can make it impossible for you to own guns and be on an even keel with men in terms of self defense and gun power. Let your voice be heard, not just in the buying and obtaining of weapons in mass numbers, but in active protests, voting, and lobbying.

Guns and Mental Illness

There is no such thing as a person that wants to see innocent people killed just because someone has mental issues. On the other side of the equation, even the craziest person on Earth can recognize that a crime is happening and take action to shoot the perpetrator. This is just one reason why I feel that PTSD or other mental health issues should not be a litmus test for banning gun ownership.

Aside from that, we have all seen the rhetoric between the left and right wing. When people don’t agree with our view point, it becomes very easy to call the other party “crazy”.

At some point, government sponsored health insurance, government controlled health guidelines, government licensed medical providers, and government sponsored “research” on mental issues can easily create a situation where variances from government rhetoric can lead to a diagnosis of “mental illness”. From there, you will not be able to keep your guns even though the truth is you are sane enough to have them.

We as a community must not let anti-gunners control the mental health question in a way that strips us of our legal precedence to carry arms. We must take actions among ourselves to make sure that we are all good, responsible gun owners.

Here are a few things I have used in the past to deal with situations where having a gun could have led to a disaster:

  • Always have at least 5 people you trust that are willing to hold your gun and keep it in time of need. Make sure they understand you are having some difficult times and that the gun needs to stay locked up and out of your hands until you get your thoughts and feelings sorted out. This is no different from having a designated driver when you go out drinking and partying.
  • Make a written list of situations in which you feel you would be dangerous if armed. If that situation comes up, simply follow your plan to turn the gun over to someone you trust until the situation passes.
  • Do not wait and hope that a mental problem will get better by itself. Getting help now will spare you a lot of pain and will help you get back on your feet faster.
  • Even as I write this, 1/3 of all people in the United States are taking medication for anxiety and panic. If you are going to ban these people from having guns, you should also ban them from having cars because they might (and sometimes do) try to commit suicide by driving their vehicle into oncoming traffic or up a pole. Do not tolerate double standards just because the government gets more money out of motor vehicles and fuel than it does from gun rights.

We as gun owners live in complicated times where people do not really know the truth. We must be responsible and ethical gun owners that will protect our rights and be ready to defend this nation as called to do in the Constitution. It is my hope that our nation will see an end of gun control and more constructive dialogue on mental health issues and other problems that need to solved at the community level.

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