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Guns becoming popular Christmas gifts

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Guns becoming popular Christmas gifts

FBI sees increase in gun sales

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —FBI officials say they're seeing an increase in gun sales for the holidays.

A spokesperson told Action 7 News that on Black Friday, they did more than 175,000 background checks for people buying guns. It was their busiest Black Friday ever and the second highest volume of people they've ever had to check in one day. The busiest day for background checks on record was Dec. 21, 2012 when the FBI did nearly 180,000 checks.

Belinda Gallegos, co-owner of ABQ Guns, said that they too saw a lot of people on Black Friday. She said at one point people were just yelling out questions and answers to get everyone the help needed. Gallegos said a lot of people were Christmas shopping.

"They'll come in, then they'll be looking and they'll leave, then I'll get a call. 'Hey, remember that gun we were looking at? Well, she really liked it so I am going to come get it. Don't tell her. Five minutes later, 'Hey, remember that gun he really liked?"

Gallegos explained that because ABQ Guns still has people fill out their background checks on paper, they can get more people through the system quicker. Other shops rely on computerized background applications, which can slow down the process.

For someone to clear a background check in New Mexico, he or she must be clear of any legal troubles - in some cases, even speeding or parking tickets - and must answer a serious of questions including whether they are a US citizen and more.

New Mexico does not require a carry and conceal license and it is legal to buy a gun as a gift.

The FBI's background check can come back with one of three options including a "proceed," a "delay," in which a person would have to wait 72 hours to purchase a firearm, or a "deny" in which an individual would not be able to buy a gun at all. On Black Friday, the system was running a bit slow because of high volume of background checks. Most people were able to clear them, though.

Gun owners recommend that if people want to buy a gun as a Christmas gift, to get documentation. It is not required but handy in certain situations. They also say because a firearm is a very personal item, people may want to consider gift certificates instead.

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