Out Of Control Death Threat On National TV

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Piers Morgan and guests call for shooting Alex Jones

Buzz Bissinger sports columnist for The Daily Beast encourages Piers Morgan to buy a sem- automatic and shoot Alex Jones. As sick as it sounds and as numb as the public is to hear such a threat on national television, is it okay to do this?  If Alex Jones were to make a statement like that there would be a call for his arrest, but it looks like the cowardly, two-face CNN clan gets away with it. Since it's alright to do that, let me just jump in there and encourage anyone to shoot and kill the three in this above photo. Is that okay to do?.. I dont think so.
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Stop paying Taxes if Government even tries to take our 2nd amendment.

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Radio ,Tv hosts and even a large portion of the military and police are in fear of a Civil War over the defending our 2nd amendment.
One of the loudest voices speaking out to warn the public is radio and TV host Alexa Jones, who is warning that the globalist will fuel a Civil War even if it takes bombing a police station.
Globalist will sit back and watch a Civil War happen over our 1st and 2nd amendment. NRA is also concerned over

Gasoline, Axes, Knives, Poison and Airplanes are no different than Guns

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Some people who believe if you take away guns, the crazy killers will be stopped. What's next? Poison the school food? Or throw a gallon of gas on people in the movie theater? Take an axe at a classroom full of kids?
Sounds sick doesn't it? The problem is the "Sick" and not the Guns or whatever the means of death. We are all angry at the recent Connecticut elementary shooting but it will never stop there.
It will never stop even if we take the guns away. Face it, its the world we live in and its starts with reaching out to people. If we care enough about the world we live in then we must open our eyes to the people in need.
The saying "People kill not Guns" is somewhat a way to look at it.
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