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FNS-9 9mm

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Striker-fired duty pistol ready to stand up to harsh use and high round counts!
Over the last couple of years, the opportunity to use the FNX double-action/single-action (DA/SA) series of pistols has presented itself a few times. Early on, I spent some serious range time with the FNX-40. The pistol’s ergonomics were excellent, as was its accuracy. FNX pistols are easily some of the lightest pistols out there with top-tier quality.
The ambidextrous controls were certainly nice, but I parted ways with decockers years ago. There is nothing wrong with them—they are just not my preference. Having carried a long list of “cocked and locked” pistols over the years, it remains my favorite type of carry. For Wild West Auction At Heritage
Until now, the last of these fine pistols I had a chance to test was the FNX-45. A friend of mine allowed me to use his for a few strings at a Gunsite class, and it was very accurate and comfortable. Run as a single-action pistol, it felt very intuitive for me. Especially on this gun, the trigger was crisp and predictable. These experiences have always lingered in the back of my mind, so I gladly accepted the opportunity to test FN’s new striker-fired design—the FNS-9.

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