Colt to Open New Facility

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Colt’s Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce that the company will continue its progressive momentum by opening a new facility in Kissimmee, Florida.  The new 16,000 square foot facility will allow Colt’s Manufacturing Company to expand into new markets and business lines in parallel with the company’s existing 100,000 square foot facility in Connecticut.  Specific information on facility renovations and employee requirements will be determined over the course of the next several months.

Gun Control Kills Jobs

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Ever since Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the economy has misfired. Jobs remain scarce and the market has yet to recover the value it had prior to the 2007 crash. Though Mr. Obama’s policies have unintentionally given a major boost to an industry he hates - firearms - even this one bright spot hasn’t necessarily translated into new employment.

Take Sturm Ruger Co., one of the few publicly traded U.S. gunmakers. Anyone who happened to invest $100 in the firm’s stock on Mr. Obama’s Inauguration Day would have about $532 today. That’s stellar performance in any business climate. According to company filings, Ruger had orders in hand for twice as many guns as it had the capacity to manufacture. Under ordinary circumstances, such sustained demand would be a green light to expand production lines and make new hires.

TEKKO Polymer AK-47 Integrated Rail Review

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Lightweight, Rugged, Classic, Practical and… Rugged (wait did I say that already?). All of these words perfectly describe the TEKKO Polymer AK-47 Integrated Rail system from Mission First Tactical. The fine folks at Mission First Tactical go to great lengths to create a product that will continue to change the way people think about AK-47 platform rifles and their use as a defense/tactical firearm.

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